Hide a deck in the list

Hi everybody.
This is my first question on the forum, hope it hasn’t been treated in a previous post (i checked but didn’t found…)
Well, I wondered whether it’s somewhere possible to hide a deck from the deck list… I’ve a lot of revision decks that i used last year, i don’t need them for the moment (or maybe anymore) but I don’t want to delete them.
To hide them would be convenient to me in order to get a clearer deck list with the only decks which interest me for the moment…
Hope my explaination was understandable !
Thks for any answer !

Hi, you can create a new deck and name it “~Unused decks” or something like this. The “~” makes it appear at the bottom of your deck list.
Then drag and drop all the decks you don’t want to see into it and click the “-” on the left of the deck name. This will hide the children of the parent deck.


Thanks a lot Rumo ! This is exactly what I needed !

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