Removing decks from subgroups

Hi, I’m having trouble removing decks from the hierarchy, like undoing subdecks. When I drag them to reorder them, it does nothing. What I want to do is put “roma” in a category of its own, completely unattached to “clin psych exam 2”. Thanks! Happy studying.

Screenshot 2020-12-12 190917|407x247

Click on Cog wheel -->Rename;
delete the part of the string, including::

02-WIP-Par::Active ----> will turn into ‘Active’.


You should also be able to accomplish it by dragging to the very top of the list.

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Thanks so much, this worked perfectly.

If anyone is wondering exactly what I did:
gear icon/cog wheel --> rename (for the decks that are below other decks)
and then deleted everything before and including the colons.
When I clicked enter, the decks were automatically removed from the subgroups.

Great solution.