[solved, partially]Anyway to precisely move a deck in GUI or alternative? it now always become a subdeck, thx


hi, i simply want to move the deck “green flag for share” to under “red flag aka current”;
but if i place the “green” deck below any other deck, it just became a subdeck of that deck. if place below the filtered decks, it simply say it cant become a subdeck of filtered deck.

any precise way instead of moving using GUI?

didn’t found similar Qs in forum…


just tried again,
moving the “green” to the top most line make it at the highest level. then it was sorted with other decks somehow.

sovled, thx

Decks / subdecks are always ordered alphabetically, if you’re like to change that order you can rename your decks “001 - Deck 1”, “002 - Deck 2”, etc.


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