HELP NEEDED: Going from og MCAT MilesDown to Anking 2

HELP REQUESTED!!! I started studying for the MCAT around a week ago and have been using anki diligently everyday. I downloaded the deck “Miledown by Kaplan Chapter” but found out that the udpated Anking2 is more comprehensive and has 5000 cards compared to the 3000 I have right now. Is there any way to update my current deck to include the new cards from Anking2 without losing the progress I have? I don’t want to have to restart my progress.

There is no way to shift a card’s review history to another card [with native functionality, but see below]. But instead of transfering the history of Card A to new Card B – just transfer the information on Card B to Card A instead. You get to the same place.

Essentially – Stop introducing new MilesDown cards. Start introducing New AnKing 2 cards. And for all of your active MilesDown cards, find their corresponding AnKing Card and bring over whatever of value you want.

I just saw a similar question and apparently there is an add-on that purports to do this! I don’t have any experience with it, but it and its predecessor seems well-received, so maybe it’s another option for you. Be sure to check that it’s compatible with your version before installing, and it never hurts to get your devices in sync and make a fresh backup before making big changes.

Transfer scheduling data from one card to another