How can I easily transfer the study information from one card to another if both cards have a fields called "word" and the content is the same?

I use Anki to memorize English words. Previously, I used a shared deck with poor typesetting, but I have now found a new shared deck with the same cards and words. However, instead of deleting the old deck and switching to the new one, I am wondering if there is a way to transfer the cards information from the old deck to the new one. Is there a solution to this problem?

if it was a case of upgrade of a deck (e.g english v1 → english v2), then yes, but this case is from two different decks (maybe is there an add-on, but idk)

If you already know the content with ease, you could use easy button more, it will decrease the amount of reviews you do in the long run for easier cards

Try Transfer scheduling data from one card to another - AnkiWeb

maybe you are right, thanks

good add-ons! thank you!

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