Can this be done in Anki

I want to create decks for Federal Regulation study for students. I am a professor and I need to be able to do the following…

  1. Create the original deck(s)
  2. Disperse those via common school source point to all students
  3. Periodically provide updates to those decks in the form of new cards, revised cards, or remove cards, by providing some sort of a “revising deck”. I don’t know the term.
  4. The students download the changes and then have a new updated deck.
  5. They don’t lose the learning that has already been done by doing this update.

My question is…Is this possible with Anki? You don’t need to explain how now. I just need to know this updating process can be done.


Hi @thetexan !

I think the workflow you described could be achieved leveraging some addons.

I’d propose this two:

Maybe reading the docs for the above addons you could setup what you are looking for?

All the best.

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I can confirm that CrowdAnki is a viable option for distributing decks one way, so it might be suitable for your use case. For collaboration, it can get a bit cumbersome, even with only two people. But maye I never did it right :sweat_smile:

I think a good collaboration platform that doesn't require a lot of setup time (especially for users of shared decks) is desperately needed and would really help Anki gain popularity within universities.
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Your process is easier - even for inexperienced users.

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I suppose I could just upload the new revised deck and leave it to the students to dump the old deck and load the new deck. But won’t that be like starting over? Won’t they lose any learning history associated with the old deck? Or is there someway to keep that meta data and apply it to a new deck?


They won’t lose the review data when updating notes that they already have :wink:

When importing a deck, Anki checks if notes with the same ID already exist. It will update the existing notes if they contain changes. So your students could just import the changed deck and continue studying like nothing happened :+1:t2: