How can I use Anki for studying in a group?

Hello, I’m using Anki for a couple of months on very basic level. In the last days, I’ve thought about a way to save some time, and start to create some group decks. Unfortunately, I haven’t found such an option in any affordable settings, so I rushed to the internet seeking out for the answer; unfortunately the situation there was far from perfect…

The only acceptable way that I found, was sharing, our Anki deck via some online drives f.e. Google Drive, every time we update our deck (add some cards on our account). But this method seems a bit awkward for me, and I believe, that there is a better solution.

What I’d like to achieve, is a situation, where I could create a new “Group deck” that can be synchronized with other users, in this way, that every new card that they create will be downloaded to my deck (using sync button), with a result, as I’d created this card on my account.

I really believe, that there is an easy solution for this problem. Thanks for help everyone!

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Sorry, I can’t read what you’ve written. I’m not a member of AnkiHub, btw, should I?

In my previous post, I only provided the link. I don’t have AnkiHub access either, but as far as I know it’s the only specific solution that allows collaborative deck building.

Hey! Welcome to the Anki community! I’m the maintainer of an open-source project called Ki that I’ve been building to solve exactly the problem you’ve described. It’s pretty early days still, but if you’re afraid of using the command line, you could use Ki to host your decks on GitHub. I’d be happy to work with you personally to help you get started with a workflow that suits your needs! I’m in need of user feedback to improve the tool :]

Since that link above is somewhat difficult to detect, here it is again:

Your question belongs in the wider category of how can we use Anki in education? Currently, with all due respect to attempts at sharing decks, Anki is based on the single-user paradigm. Education, by its very nature is group oriented. Bringing Anki to education would catapult its use thousands of times over.
Please read my thoughts and feel free to participate in the conversation

Anki in Schools

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