Private Link to Shared Deck with Friends that Allows Collaboration

Right now, the way we can share private decks is by emailing the files to each other. However, if I want to collaborate with multiple classmates to create a single shared deck, it would be easier if there was a single link to that deck where we can all contribute. This way, one of us can create the deck and share that link with the rest of the classmates in the group.

It might be helpful if different privacy options are allowed with the deck. These are some examples of privacy settings:

  1. The creator of the deck needs to approve the flashcards from other users before they are added to the deck.

  2. Users can add flashcards to the deck without the need for approval, but they can only delete their own flashcards and don’t have permission to delete flashcards from other users. Only the deck creator has the ability to remove flashcards that other users created.

  3. Everyone in the group has equal authority to add & delete cards in the deck.

I think a collaboration feature like this would help save a lot of time, because we can share the work. Each of us would be able to focus more on studying & less on creating flashcards.

Thank you

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Can you not set up a share with similar privileges and services using Google Drive, One Drive, or SharePoint?

There is no turn-key solution for this at the moment, but @AnKingMed are close to releasing one I believe.

We’re close to launching AnkiHub - see this post

I’m glad. Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

One workaround would be to create a new Anki account that you all share. Then, use that profile when editing the deck and simply sync the deck to collaborate.

Or, you could also use ki, and have the full power of git at your disposal.

We’ve been using a github based solution for a few years.
Each user runs a python code importing to their own deck from github.

Ki looks really useful. Thanks for sharing!

Ki is a very recent program, and so its user base is still small. If you use you, don’t hesitate to send some feedback to its developer (which desperately asked for some time ago)! :smiley:

Yes as @BlackBeans mentioned, this utility is pretty feature-complete, but I need some users to figure out what works and what doesn’t! I’d be happy to walk anyone through getting a workflow set up for their specific collection or collaboration model. There is documentation as well.