Best process for group editing of a set of cards

Problem I’m trying to solve is to provide a better workflow for group editing of a set of cards. I am working with a group of people to study Data Structures & Algorithms and I have a pre-existing deck I made for myself. I’ve shared this deck, and I can add/update cards and re-share as needed, but if other people add/update cards, they can’t update the same shared deck. My first goal is to document the best process to do this and then try to automate as many of the manual steps in that process as possible. It must support displaying code in a decent format.

I’ve reviewed the following docs for existing solutions to consider:
Contributing section from docs.ankiweb
“How can I work with someone else to create a deck?” section from faqs.ankiweb

I’m going to try out using the online doc collab/Google Sheets solution and automating those steps.

Has anyone already automated steps covered in the solutions proposed in the above sections, e.g. automated pulling a Google Sheet, importing to Anki and updating Shared Deck, or discovered a better way to solve this problem than the solutions proposed in the above links?

There’s an addon and website for exactly this use case; to allow students working on the same course to collaborate on the same deck:

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