Help me with the "Easy Interval" ? /Image is included!

Hello Everyone. I am new to anki but I read so much about its setting and interval and I can’t find a solution to my problem. LONG STORY SHORT, I like every setting as it is. I don’t want to mess with the Hard Interval, or Again Interval or Good Interval. I just want the last Easy interval to be 5 days ?

(sorry for the poor editing and the different sizes of the lines).

The intervals can be adjusted using v3 custom scheduling , in the Advanced section of the Deck Options. I think you can use this code: = 5

Thank you for your answer. I didn’t know anything about v3 custom scheduling until now. I tested your code and every easy interval became 5 days. I want the easy interval in the relearning to be 3 … 5 … 7 … 9 and so on. I am going to read more about V3 Custom Scheduling and try to understand it more. Thank you.

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