Help with custom scheduling V3

I really would appreciate, if I could get some help with the custom scheduling V3 for one specific issue.

I already have tweaked the standard settings so that they cater to my needs and use filtered decks a lot.

But there is one issue left, that I would like to handle and don’t know, how to:

I always have a starting Ease set to 2.0 and also use the interval modifier. But when I answer “Again” the Ease will be reduced bei 20% each time (stopping at 130%).

I really would like, that the ease wouldn’t change at all, when I press “Again” (no matter if in an regular or filtered deck).

Is it possible to apply a custom scheduling only for that, thereby leaving my other individual settings unchanged?

Thank you.

It should be possible, but there is no documentation available at the moment. There is a semi-related post here: I love v3 custom scheduling

Filtered decks can’t have custom scheduling, but they can be nested under a deck that does have custom scheduling, and you can click on that deck to have its settings honored.

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Thank you. That’s very helpful.