HELP... ! deleted Cards?

Hello! Im confused with this that appears on my Anki… it says “Deleted” But, actually I didnt delete any of the cards…
Can someone explain me whats going on please?


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Hey Rumo! Thanks for the answer!
I just figure it out whats going on… and is that if you got exactly the same card , the question text, and the answer, Anki will delete it automaticly … I was worried cause I was copying a lot of questions with multiple choice from a battery , and it looks that some of them are repeated… doesnt do nothing if you got the same question like Choose the right or wrong one, or whatever, but if that part and the answers are the same on both cards, or matches all the characters… bye to that card (to the copy “only one can remain” lol )… at least if its on the same deck, I didnt try with diferent decks…

Anyway, thanks amigo!

Hey there again!
So… Anki keeps deleting me new cards, and now, the ones that is deleting, arent repeated…

could be that the images added on the EXTRA are too heavy?

Anki doesn’t delete any cards automatically, whether they are duplicates or not. As per my answer above, your cards aren’t actually deleted. Did you try out the debugging steps under the link?

Please try the beta version: Anki 2.1.55 Beta