I have (deleted) cards in my deck, but I didn't delete anything

This is what it looks like

There are (deleted) cards among regular cards in my deck. I did not delete those. I checked on AnkiMobile to see if they’re actually deleted, but they are not. They appear just fine on mobile.

The problem is that the (deleted) cards are unselectable, and I cannot edit them on the pc version on Anki.

What could be the cause of this? How do I fix this?

One thing to note is that the deleted cards seem to be the cards I reviewed recently. (not entirely certain about this though)
I recently moved to the v3 scheduler, could that be the problem?

They are not actually deleted, but they have invalid properties. Tools>Check Database should fix them.


This fixed my problem. Thanks!
I’m wondering what caused this to happen. I’d avoid those actions if possible.

If it happens again, and happens when add-ons are disabled, please post back and I can look into what exactly is being set incorrectly.