Help customize flashcards for learning Irregular Verbs

Hello everyone.

I really liked one app for learning Irregular Verbs on iOS and I want to replicate the logic of this app in Anki.

Could you please help me set up Anki? I cloned the “Cloze” type and added the following fields for the cards:

  1. verb v1
  2. Ukrainian translation
  3. verb v2
  4. verb v3

On the “Front Template” I want to see the following fields:

  • verb v1
  • Ukrainian translation
  • there should be either a verb v2 field or a verb v3 field — I have to enter the answer from the keyboard

When I answer the card, I need to see all the fields on the Back Template. When I try to set it up the way I want, Anki gives me the following error: “anki cloze deletion can only be used in fields that use the cloze filter”.

It’s a bit hard to answer without knowing the content of those fields, but generally speaking, when you need multiple fields, a Basic notetype is a better choice than Cloze.

Thank you for your response. I wanted to replicate the functionality of another iOS application called “English Irregular Verbs Best” in the Anki application. Here are the steps I took in Anki:

  1. I created a copy of the ‘Cloze’ note type.
  2. I created a new deck and selected a new note type based on the standard ‘Cloze’ type.
  3. I created the following fields:
  • v1 - for the base form of the verb.
  • translation - for the translation in Ukrainian.
  • v2 - for the second form of the verb.
  • v3 - for the third form of the verb.

Now, I’m having trouble setting up the ‘Front’ and ‘Back’ templates to display the fields as follows during card review:

  • v1
  • translation
  • either v2 or v3 - meaning that I should see either v2 or v3 within a single card review and be able to enter the corresponding answer. For example, Anki should prompt me to enter v2 for the first review and v3 for the next review.

After answering the ‘Back’ template, I would like to see the following fields:

  • v1
  • translation
  • v2
  • v3

However, when I use {{c1::was, were}} for the v2 field and {{c2::been}} for the v3 field, Anki gives me an error saying, ‘Cloze deletion can only be used in fields which use the ‘cloze:’ filter. This is typically the first field.’ But I don’t want to use Cloze deletion for the v1 field because I want to see both v1 and translation and only input the second or third verb form for v1.

Is it possible to set up Anki this way? :)"

If you’re clozing the entire field, that’s a very good sign that you should be using a Basic notetype instead of a Cloze notetype. Please see Getting Started - Anki Manual

Thanks. I’ll try to figure it out.

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