Hands off my account, please!

I have just received a text message saying that you are about to delete my account because I haven’t used it for six months. I use my account every day and will be REALLY unhappy should it be deleted. Would be grateful if you could leave it alone!

Are you syncing regularly or using AnkiWeb?

I don’t use ankidroid too regularly, but it is vital for me and I want to keep it available as I can’t always be in tu use Anki on the PC.
Hope this clarifies somewhat…
Thank you for your attention

You don’t have to use Ankidroid. Just use the sync option in any Anki client from time to time.

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The warning is probably issued because you haven’t synced to AnkiWeb recently. Fortunately there’s a quick fix. Just set up automatic syncing.

  1. Open Anki on your computer
  2. Go to “Tools | Preferences”
  3. Choose the “Network” tab
  4. Tick the box “Automatically sync on profile open/close”
  5. Close the dialogue box
  6. Click “Sync” on the top right

Then you shouldn’t have to worry, as long as you open Anki at least once every six months :slight_smile:


Thank you, pinnerup. All done and dusted.


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