[Guide] Integration with Syncthing

I wrote a simple guide on how to setup local syncing using Syncthing.

  • No need for complex server setup
  • Works offline on a local network
  • Is not limited by AnkiWeb flashcard size

Thank you for your guide. However, I’m currently on Mac OS 12.6 and I haven’t found the settings directory you mention on step 3. Is it something exclusive of Linux?

By the way, I was wondering: as Anki must not be running when attempting to sync via Syncthing, do you have to stop the service every time you want to use Anki?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Anki must not be running [simultaneously] while syncing

So for me I just make sure if I review from PC that changes in the directory are synced to phone and vice verse. If you want to be extra safe you can just pause the synced folder. Remember you have Anki creating backups anyway, so it’s easy to restore any version in case of corruption.

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