Grouping Card Designs

So I’m learning Farsi and Icelandic and have created a bunch of card designs specific to each of these languages. As the flash card designs aren’t transferable is there a way to group some of these designs for convenience??

card designs are transferable. you can do that when you export a deck, it’ll automatically add every note type in that deck to your note types list.
can you explain a bit more about grouping? what do you mean by that? do you want to just save your card designs (Note types) somewhere so you can import them again even if you delete them in anki?

By transferrable I mean certain grammar concepts arent shared by both languages so some card designs are only appliable to Farsi but not Icelandic. For example making a card designs for how to make a verbs negative ie do-dont are not easy to transfer to the other language. Because of this I’ve made of lothes of designs which are taking up space on card design/ note type list. I don’t want to delete them just group them.

grouping Note types isn’t possible.
but one thing that I do is putting numbers and relative codes before the actual Note type name.
for example if I had to create multiple grammar Note types for different languages I would probably use this format G - Farsi, G - Arabic, etc.

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