GRE Ultimate Vocabulary List (GregMat, Manhattan, Magoosh)

A GRE Vocabulary list that I made by combining the GregMat (Groups 1-32), Magoosh, and Manhattan Vocab lists. Duplicates were removed, as well as some extra forms of words. Definitions come mostly from the Oxford Learners Dictionary. If a definition for a word wasn’t available in the Oxford Learners Dictionary, I manually added a definition using either the Merriam Webster Dictionary or a Google search.

There are currently some minor issues with the deck:

  • Many words are missing example sentences
  • Some definitions and example sentences are in blue font instead of white
  • Some definitions and example sentences use British spellings instead of American ones
  • In words with multiple definitions, the first definition may be the common one instead of the "GRE" one. For example, the first definition for temper is "a short period of feeling very angry" instead of "to make something less severe"
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Any chance I can get download it?