Gifs not displaying on iPadOS

I have been using Anki for just about a month now. I have imported some decks for ASL that contain the word on one side of the card, and a gif of the sign being signed on the other…the gifs show up perfectly on the desktop app, and on my iPhone.

I just got a new iPad and installed Anki; and to my dismay it wont display the gifs at all. It just pastes a hollow square into the field. I hope to find a way to resolve this, because I personally think the display is too small for the gifs on my iPhone, and my PC just isn’t portable enough to be ideal. I’m hoping my iPad can be a happy medium between the two.

Chances are the media had not finished syncing yet - please see Media files may take time to sync - Frequently Asked Questions

That worked. I didn’t realize two things:
It couldn’t sync in the background, and that just because the synchronize button changed colors doesn’t mean the sync is finished.

Thank you!

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I have just started trying to create these for my ASL students! I would love to share any suggestions you have. I think this will be a really useful study tool for my classes.