Ghost Account Won't Sync

Hi everyone, I’ll try to make this brief. Can’t find anyone else with this story.

I’ve been using Anki IOS for several months now, built up several hundred flashcards and purchased a lifetime subscription. I tried to test the sync today by logging in on the web and it says"no account associated with this email."

So I noticed that Anki has never actually sent me an email and I tried to change it several times on mobile, it never seems to work. Then I tried making a new account with my email on a computer. Success, but I cant see my hundreds of cards or lifetime subscription, it’s a brand new account.

So I tried changing my email on my mobile app several times again and it doesn’t seem to do anything despite 100% matching my email. It’s like a ghost account. I can get my mobile app cards and subcription to show up anywhere.

I’m scared I’m going to lose my account, can anyone help?

Bad news – not from Anki, you didn’t. Anki doesn’t have any subscription products.

You can find links to all of the authentic Anki programs on the main site.

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