Getting my old file from previous laptop to my new laptop


I recently just got a new laptop but I forgot to save my files in anki from my previous laptop into a USB drive so that I can use it in my new one. I do have icloud and most of my stuff in icloud got saved but I’m not sure about my anki files. I did found an anki folder that I wasn’t aware of. I just don’t know what to do.

Did you use AnkiWeb e.g. to sync your Anki stuff to a phone or tablet? You can login to AnkiWeb from your Desktop Anki and download your content onto your computer.

I have a surface pro 9. Would it still work for this? I didn’t use ankiweb for my phone or tablet. I wished I had though. I think I did a full icloud backup. Not quite sure. Sorry I’m not really techy.

I’m afraid your data was probably not backed up to iCloud, as it’s not stored in your Documents folder.

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