I phone to AnkiWeb

My Anki activity is on my i phone, using ankiApp. I am seeking to replicate what is on my phone on my windows 10 computer, and have installed ankiweb. However, neither I nor my “guru” are able to get stuff from phone to computer, though much research has been done.
The important thing is to share what is on my phone with my computer; anki web as opposed to any other anki application is not important.
Can anyone advise how to achieve this?

EDIT: @BlackBeans is right, see next post.

I am afraid there is a big problem. AnkiApp is not related to Anki. To put it shortly, Anki is: Anki (desktop, free), AnkiWeb (web, free), AnkiDroid (android, free), AnkiMobile (iOS, non-free). AnkiApp is developed by an other company, which (shamefully) copied the name (Anki is older than AnkiApp), and is likely exploiting the confusion it might create.
I would suggest you migrate entirely to AnkiMobile (a refund should be possible for AnkiApp).

See AnkiApp is not part of the Anki ecosystem - Frequently Asked Questions.


Thank you. No wonder I am struggling!


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