Getting an error when importing a deck "note has 7 fields, expected 2"

I am very new to Anki and have been recomennded an Anki deck by multiple colleagues.

When I import the deck from my saved files I get an error message “note has 7 fields, expected 2”

The deck comes from an external website to Anki but it’s reliable per my colleagues.

I have googled and searched this sub for a similar problem but cannot find a solution that I understand.

I know it is a functional deck as I have looked through it a bit with colleagues and nobody has had this issue.

I have tried it on PC, Mac, iPhone and AnkiWeb. I have tried re-installing my program but no help.

I don’t even know what the error means lol
Running Version ⁨2.1.65 on PC

Any help would be greatly appeciated.

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Please make sure that the field separator character (the character that divides each of the fields on each line in the field) is correctly selected in the import screen.

I am having the same issue (desktop, version 2.1.66, importing well-used reliable external deck) and don’t understand this solution.

Import file > select file > gives me pop up box of ‘Error: 500: note has 7 fields, expected 2’ > select ‘OK’ (only option) > ‘gathering data’ screen that processes forever.

Where is the ‘import screen’ and what does correctly selecting a field separator character mean exactly?
Have tried updating, reinstalling, restarting - same error every time.

Any help appreciated!

I was assuming the original report was about importing a csv file. If it’s an apkg file you’re trying to import, this sounds like either a malformed .apkg file, or a bug in the importer. Are you able to provide a link to the deck so we can try to reproduce the issue? You can do so privately on if you’d prefer.

I reached the uploader of the deck and turns out it had recently been updated and there was indeed an error - now it has been corrected and re-uploaded the issue has resolved. Thanks for your responses dae

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