Can't import this Anki .akpg (note has 4 fields, expected 3)

Hey, I’m trying to import an old anki deck attached here that used to work in old versions of Anki - however, uploading the .akpg now yields the error in Anki:

I have uploaded the deck below and really have no other information on what types of notes it uses etc. I wish there was a way I could open and inspect the .akpg files but I couldn’t figure it out.

Since I couldn’t upload the .akpg deck here, I uploaded it to the following Google Drive link. I would appreciate any help with this!


I successfully imported the file into Anki 2.1.54 by attempting the import process twice. The first attempt resulted in the same error you encountered, but the second went smoothly.

I added a fourth field to the note type, and now it seems the file can be imported with more recent Anki versions as well:


Works great now - love you for this man! So just so I understand - did you use an older Anki version to get it to work or did you just do the twice uploading thing? I tried before with my original file importing 8 times in a row with no luck. However - your’s worked on the second try like you said!

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I performed the following steps:

  1. Attempted to import your file with Anki 23.12 beta3 without success.
  2. Switched to Anki 2.1.54 and successfully imported the file on the second attempt.
  3. Added a fourth field and exported the deck into a new file.
  4. Tried importing the new file with Anki 23.12 beta3, and the import process went smoothly on the first attempt.

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