Get a notification before i forget to do my reviews and lose my streak

since i’m not doing a lot of reviews these days i forget to do them the last day, so i want to know if there is a way i can get a notification 8 hours before the day ends and i lose my streak

Anki desktop don’t offer notifications, would require anki to operate in the background (hog ram/cpu in the process)

Ankidroid and Ankimobile have notification options in the settings, although it is based on how many cards are left to review

try to make a habit to review anki while you are passing/idle time/, like waiting in line, in transport…

Don´t worry, its not midnight that the day ends for anki
Next day starts at 4 hours past midnight by default (you can change in preferences)
Tools → Preference → Review

Shitpost response below

Review Heatmap - AnkiWeb

The best notification is the fear of missing a long streak on heatmap



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