[Idea] Review reminder notifications

It may be useful if, when there are any non-buried due cards in a particular deck, and a specified amount of minutes (less for shorter intervals) after the last review or start-up of Anki has passed, a desktop notification (or something else) appeared to remind you to review.

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This addon Deck Counts Now/Later - AnkiWeb shown the minutes left for the next card to be due in minutes. Please note the last deck with [5m]. This means that there is not card due, but there will be at least one card in 5 minutes.



Thanks, but that’s not what I mean. I have a backlog of over 9000 cards.

Imagine one of the features that Anki already has: timeboxing. You can’t review all 9000 cards at once; you have to pause sometimes. Then you start doing something else, and forget about Anki (or even just start adding cards and forget to review). Who will remind you to review again in a way smarter than just ringing an alarm every 5 minutes (possibly even interfering with reviews you are doing)?

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