Hours after midnight

I missed by anki for a day and I lost my streak, therefore to regain it back I changed the setting for ‘next day starts’ to 6 hours, I got my streak back, but how will that affect anything else?


Yes, now you’ll have cards become due if you’re studying at night. If you’re set on preserving your streak, some people adjust their clock back after starting Anki, then review a card.

Do you mean they will adjust the their clock back to 4 hrs? If I was to do that, when I review the cards then put it back to 6 hrs will them cards still reviewed?

I mean turning the clock back to the date you missed, and then reviewing a card.

To elaborate on what dae is saying, if you miss a day and want to maintain your streak, set your computer’s time and date to the previous day (i.e., back 24 hours). You may need to turn off settings like “Set time automatically” so this will work.

Once the time is set back a day, open Anki, complete your reviews that are due, then close Anki. Finally, go back to your time and date settings and set the date back to the correct date. Also remember to turn on “Set time automatically”. Then open Anki again and do the reviews for the current day.

You don’t need to change anything within Anki.

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is it okay if I went back 5 days?

Sure, you can go back as far as you like, but you’ll need to adjust the date forward one day at a time after studying each day’s cards to maintain your streak.

What I done was go back 5 days, review cards, then went forward 5 days and just carried on as normal, is this not the way to do it?

If you reviewed on those other days already, that should be fine.

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