Geez font is not shown in the anki browser


I made templates and cards using geez and latin letters/fonds.

When I open the Anki browser on my laptop it shows empty spaces where the geez letters should appear. Surprisingly Anki shows the geez letters on the templates and the cards.
The Anki I use in on the tablet is a “English” version.

I the same cards on a windows desktop computer - but the German version of Anki - and in the browser all geez letters are shown.

I hope for an explanation how to solve the problem as I have to introduce Anki and the cards in a meeting of teachers who are interested to use Anki at school.

So I say thank you in advance.

It appears to be an issue with the graphics toolkit that Anki uses. You can work around it for now by running the following in the debug console when you first start using Anki, before opening the browse screen:"Ebrima"))

I don’t think there’s an add-on that automates this process yet, but it should be easy for someone to write one.

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