Font does not show up on iphone

I am making Hebrew flashcards. One field is the cursive writing. The cursive writing is very different from the print and I need to be able to recognize word in both.

On my Mac, I added a cursive font and added the style code so that it works for that field on the cards. It works fine on the computer. After syncing, however, the cursive font does not show up on my iPhone Anki cards.

Is there a way to add this font (Ktav Yad) to my phone so that it will show up correctly in Anki? Would the app anyfonts work with Anki?

Thank you

Yes, you can embed a TTF font to your Anki collection, so that it will be usable everywhere you study your cards. Styling & HTML - Anki Manual

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If you’ve tried this already and are having trouble, please paste your card template and styling here.

I had tried that before and I couldn’t get the cursive to show up on even the computer. I had changed one of the lines to “Ktav Yad CLM” as it showed up in Anki and it worked on the computer. After your comment I changed it back. Couldn’t get it to work. I searched through the guide you attached and this is the best I could come up with.

In the styling section, when I change mystyle1 to this
.mystyle1 {
font-family: Ktav Yad CLM;

It fixes it on my computer and the top הר is in cursive, but it will not show up on my phone in cursive.

I’m sure I’m missing something.

Try this instead –

.mystyle1 {
font-family: myfont;

In the @font-face, you’re creating a named font family. Then you just have to tell your class to use it directly.

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