Kyokasho Japanese Font not displaying on iPhone

Hi, I have set up a Japanese deck on on my Macbook which correctly displays the Anki inbuilt Japanese font YuKyokasho Yoko. as shown below:

I have ensured everything has synced and although my iPhone shows YuKyokasho Yoko as default font family it appears to be displaying it as Yu Mincho.

Any suggestions for how to fix this? Is there an alternate font like Kyokasho (which more closely resembles handwritten Japanese) which can be used instead?

It’s not enough for you to just install it on your Mac and name it in your note type. You need to attach that custom font to your collection if you want it available on other devices. Custom Fonts - AnkiMobile Manual

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Hi Danika, thanks for your quick response.
The YuKyokasho Yoko is not a custom font but an installed/downloadable font for both MacBook and iOS. I am able to use this font (without adding/downloading) on Pages on my iPhone however it appears to not be able to be used by Anki.
Couldn’t find a legal way to get the .ttf so have opted for Klee One on Google Fonts which is somewhat similar (looks like how characters are actually written by hand)

If the font is called “YuKyokasho Yoko”, you should wrap the name in double quotes in your card template. If that doesn’t fix it, it may be that the installation method you’ve used doesn’t work with webviews (which is how Anki shows cards). If that’s the case, the method linked to above should work instead.

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Ah, if it’s a system font then it’s just a problem of how you’re calling it. Try this – Styling & HTML - Anki Manual .

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