Geez can now been seen in the browser but not in the sort-field


it’s me again :slight_smile: I apologize for not answering immediately. I stayed for a long time in Eastern Africa without access to the internet and returned home ill.

I have in February written about a problem with the font “Geez”, that is shown on the cards but not in the in browser of Anki on my Laptop. But everything is shown perfectly in Anki on my Desktop.

DAE adviced me to open the debug console in order to enter:“Ebrima”))

This step helps to show the Geez Font in the browser. But Anki can't show the Geez-Font in the sort field. 

![Geez in sortfield is missing|661x500](upload://c8Iat1CZrvULnABTW0xUmAa96VO.jpeg)

May be the problem is caused by the Geez font "Nyala" that I use.
Shall I change the term "Embrina" by **"Nyala"**????

For helping I say thank you in advance.

You could try changing it to Nyala and see what happens. Please also note the sort field’s font can be customized in the Cards… screen, clicking on Options and then Browser Appearance.

Hallo Damien,

thank you very much for answering.

I tested two ways in order to make the geez font visible in the Sort Field:

1.: I wrote“Nyala”)) instead of“Ebrima”)) into the debug console – with no effect on the sort field – I changed the font within the browser into Nyala.

  1. Then I changed the Font from Nyala to Ebrima in the field and told Anki to sort by this field in the browser” – but again the Sort Fields in the browser are empty.

The font also can’t be seen in the search field. But when I write a geez-word into it and press enter, Anki is able find the corresponding cards.

By the way: Ebrima seems to be a better resp. easier readable font for children. So I transfer fonts in all cards into ebrima. Thank you for that.

Two questions:

Problem solved :blush:.

Hallo Damien,

I was so concentrated on the debug console that I did not see that you gave two instructions.

I went to the “browser appearance “ put an change the to the options in the Cards screen put a hook by override font and set Ebrima instead of Arial.

Then Anki shows the Geez-Font Ebrima in the Sort Field and in the search line above.

This means I have to follow two steps on my laptop depending what I want to see:

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