FSRS4Anki - Leech Threshold and Maximum Interval

I’ve been using FSRS4Anki for the past week and it’s been working well. However, I haven’t been able to find any guidance on Leech Threshold and Maximum Interval settings.

Based on my understanding, a lower Leech Threshold means bad cards are identified more quickly, while a higher setting gives them more time to improve and sort themselves out. I’d also like some recommendations for what to do if a card gets leeched.

For Maximum Interval, I haven’t found any recommendations, but I assume it shouldn’t be capped.

I don’t use maximum interval. You can use it as usual. It is consistent with the built-in algorithm.

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Thanks! What about Leech Threshold? By default it’s 8, is that what you’d recommend?

I prefer to use 4 as the threshold.

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