How can I set the leech threshold per individual card?

Since I started 700 days ago, once a card became a leech, I left it a leech after forgetting 8 times.

So, let’s say I want to give a card another chance. I would like to set the individual card to 16, instead of the previous 8. Just for the one card in the deck, not the whole deck. How can I do this?

What I do with leeches, is I “forget” them (using the right click menu in the browser). It basically makes it so the card acts like a new card, so you need to learn it all over again. It also resets the lapse count, so maybe this could be a useful method for you too.

I don’t want the lapse count reset, though. It also appears to delete the card information, huge no-no.

I checked the manual: Leeches - Anki Manual

Anki will continue to issue leech warnings periodically for a difficult card. The warning interval is half the initial leech threshold. That is, if you have Anki configured to warn at 8 lapses, future warnings will happen every 4 lapses. (12, 16, etc)

So either you start from a clean slate, or you keep it as a leech and you will get another warning after 4 lapses. Seems like a good compromise to me?

Hey, thanks again for the reply.

Is it a warning, or will it stop showing it to me like it does after 8 times?

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