FSRS New Card Interval Inconsistancy

I’m curious why when using FSRS the new card intervals are not consistent.

Assuming I answer all the cards right the first time, I would assume all intervals would be the same, but they are not. One card would get 3 days, another 7, another 8. Is it taking the time I take to answer into consideration?

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If you want to understand where those come from, it’s explained pretty well in this technical explanation of the algorithm. There’s no paragraph links, but scroll/search down until you find this section –

So initial stability has to be estimated in a completely different way.

The first four parameters that you see in the “FSRS parameters” window are the initial stability values.

With the default parameters, you would see a first interval around 2-4 days when you graded your answer Good, and around 6-8 days when you graded your answer Easy.

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In addition to what is written, this allows you to make your daily workload more uniform.
You should go through the manual at least once.

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Lol I like how our thinking is so similar. That’s what I thought but dae says no it doesn’t. This probably has to do with fuzz factor and maybe when a card comes up in the new queue? I really can not say but that seems plausible from my experience. I read what others said. Ignore this.

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I went through the manual several times over the past 4 years

To quote a wise man in that thread:

Fuck it man, I’m just gonna trust you guys lmfao”

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