FSRS Algorithm for New Cards


I am curious about the FSRS algorithm for reviewing new cards. I understandd a few people have had this issue and I’ve done my best to read up on their posts but have not found an answer.

I am currently at retention of 0.9 with a single learning step of 10m and relearning of 10m. However, since putting on FSRS (still same settings) my Good interval is 1d for all new cards, the very first time I see them.

Is this standard, or am I doing something wrong? Do other people have this issue, or consider it an issue as well? I recognize it is user dependent, and I can see pros/cons but I just want to make sure if it is intended or not (and if there is an option to return to my 10m 1d new card schedule)

Thank you

If you want to have a 10 minutes interval for the new card that you press good, you should set 1m 10m in the learning steps.

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