Incorrect intervals for relearning cards after activating FSRS

Hi, I just started using the FSRS scheduler and quickly ran into an issue with one of my decks. The interval after relearning a lapsed card is the same as the interval before the lapse (1.5 months in the example below). If I understand correctly, with my 0.9 target retention, the interval should be equal to the stability, 12 days in this case (additionally, changing the target retention or activating the rescheduling option seems to have no effect on the interval). The same issue occurs with all the other cards that I have answered again on.

I suspect this is caused by activating FSRS when the cards were still relearning, since the issue does not seem to occur when pressing again now on other cards.

Is this intended behaviour? And what is the best way to fix it? Reschedule after answering correct?

If you disable FSRS, you’ll see that you’ve set your new interval to 1.0. So that new interval would have happened before you even switched FSRS on.

Thanks for your reply! You’re right. Don’t see how I could have done that but I did…

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