Front template has a problem - Mandarin Radical Deck

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I updated my anki desktop version a couple of days ago and since then I cannot use my mandarin radical deck anymore in Anki. I can open the deck but I cannot see the image and there is a text popping up saying:

Front template has a problem:
Found ‘⁨{{Primitive: Shape}}⁩’, but there is no field called ‘⁨ Shape⁩’
More information

The moment I delete the text to “solve” the problem the same message comes up with a different field being the issue. This problem came up with the new version.

I tried to deactivate the addons but that did not work.

Is there something that Im missing? I would appreciate any help!


I think you are using an add-on. {{Primitive::Fieldname}} is not a built-in feature, that won’t work if you run ANki without add-ons. My guess is that the add-on that uses this syntax needs updating.

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@guillempalausalva Thank you for your advice. I did delete the add-ons and try it without them but that didnt fix the problem. And there are no updates available for them. Would you happen to know another trick?

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Downgrading to the last supported version the add-on supports will do. Can you link the add-on you are using?

@guillempalausalva thank you so so much! Ill try to downgrade.

These are the add-ons I am using:

and also this one:

I don’t think Maobi or Kanji Colorizer uses the syntax you had. Perhaps is just a typo?
{{Primitive}}:{{Shape}}<U+2069> instead of {{Primitive: Shape}}<U+2069>

The issue is likely that the field was named “Primitive: Shape”. Colons have a special meaning in templates, so they shouldn’t be used in fields. If you rename the field in the Fields screen to remove the colon, then update your template, it should fix the problem.

@guillempalausalva Thank you for your help!
@dae your suspicion was spot on!!! The moment I deleted the Colons the problem was resolved. I would have never been able to solve this on my own. Thank you for the support!

Then a nice change would be that the colon should be reserved and a user shouldn’t be able to enter it inside a fieldname.

Couldnt agree more :slight_smile:

They can’t anymore - it’s just an issue updating from older versions. Ideally it would be handled automatically on upgrade, it’s just a bit of a pain to implement since : has a special meaning.

I see. Then a manual or FAQ entry should be easier for those cases. I take note.