"Card template problem in Anki, with missing field, but the field isn't missing" on Language Learning Stack Exchange


On Language Learning Stack Exchange, someone reported an issue that came up after the latest update. One of their older cards triggered an error message that said, “Error message: Card template 1 in notetype ‘2. Mnemocis (For Radicals)’ has a problem. See the preview for more information.”
The full question is on languagelearning.stackexchange… (unfortunately, I can’t include a link, not even the domain name, which deminishes the usefulness of this post).

I don’t know whether this question will be answered here or on Language Learning Stack Exchange, but I would like to use this opportunity to say that we regularly get questions about Anki on that Stack Exchange site. A number of them have also been answered, so people from this forum may also be interested in the questions over there.

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For completeness, here is the question.

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As the message suggests, the reporter should open the preview screen of the notetype to see more details about the error. The preview screen is found under the Cards button in the editor.

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From the question:

“See preview for more information.” But the preview is fine!

Might be the most efficient to refer the occasional poster to over here, where many questions already have been answered (6,800 vs 43).