Type: card showing error in Browser Window

I can share a sample card if needed. I am running 2.1.44, because 2.1.46 makes the problem worse. 2.1.44 still has the problem, but is functional.

The situation is that in my note template, I have four card types. One of the card types is a typing card “type:”. However, in the Browser when my cards are showing in the upper half of the screen (each card on a line), it does not show the answer properly in the answer column. It gives the error:
“Front template has a problem: Found ‘{{English Meaining}}’, but there is no field called 'English Meaining”

(Please note the misspelling of “meaining.”)

Anyhow, I do not have a field named “English Meaining” nor does my card template reference a field called “English Meaining”.

You can see attached the error and the front and back templates of the card. I do not know where Anki is finding any reference to an “English Meaining” field. (again note mispelling). I do have an “English Meaning” field (notice correct spelling), and that is what the template calls on. I imagine the error has to be on my end, but sadly I seem blind to it.

This error only affects the “Answer” column in 2.1.44. However, in 2.1.46 the error shows in all of the columns and makes the browser unusable for my “typing” cards.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. :smiley:

The typo is likely in the “Browser Appearance” part of the card template screen.

@dae: As always, thanks for your prompt, helpful, accurate, and all around great help! Problem solved.