Formatting Microsoft Word in Anki

Dear Anki Forum,

I have a question about formatting in Anki:
Is there an add-on that allows formatting in Word to be copied into Anki. I am specifically concerned with bullet points that I have inserted in my Word document at various levels. Unfortunately, these are not copied into Anki. I already have the add-on that allows me to use bullet points in Anki in the first place. But when copying, the inserts are lost.

I would be very grateful for any tip
Best regards

There is an addon that use Google Docs for anki, I don’t really know about the formatting for this one but seeing the a gif, it seems to allow bullet points, I don’t think it will do exactly what you want but before a more experienced user answers, I’ll have you know this.

If you’re using Windows, CTRL + Shift + V should paste with formatting.

You can also set this behaviour as default:

Tools > Preferences > Basic > Paste without Shift key strips formatting.

Thank you both @cqg and @4649ceynou for your fast replies. Unfortunately neither of your suggestions work. Do you have other ideas?

Did you try this addon?

I also struggled with this

The solution is to copy from word into one note

Then one note to Anki

Whatever is copied from one note to Anki has its formatting preserved

If the above doesn’t work, make your notes directly in one note then copy to Anki (skip world altogether).

Thank you everybody for your help! The new addon from @MmZ1 worked!