Losing bullets/formatting while copy/pasting in Linux/Chromebook

Hello, I got a new Chromebook with Linux enabled. I have no issues using Anki (qt6) on it in Linux, but I realized while trying to copy text with bullets, Anki does not keep the source formatting. I have the paste without shift key unticked. Turning the paste without shift key unticked and holding shift doesn’t change anything. If I copy text from a card with bullets already present, it will ignore the bullets. My Anki on Windows does not do this while copying from the same source.

It’s so strange that the formatting isn’t kept in Anki, but I can duplicate the formatting in other text editors. If I copy bulleted text from anki to another text editors, the bullets will go with it. It’s essential I keep the formatting as I’m making cards off some study resources that uses bullets. Anybody have any idea? I’ve been troubleshooting this all day. I can’t use this Chromebook if this is an issue. Thanks in advance!

In Akki, you have to go to the preferences and make sure the option “Paste without shift key strips formatting” is not selected. Also, you have latest version of Akki. And try to use “Ctrl+V” and right-click menu to paste.

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