Text color not kept when pasting

When I paste a text into Anki that color it does not keep that color although in the docs it says that it should.

Paste without Shift strips formatting
By default, formatting like bold and colors are kept when pasting, unless the Shift key is held down. This option reverses the behaviour.

As you can see in the screenshot it keeps bold and font size, but not color.

  1. Did the portion that you copied actually contain that color, or did that text inherit that color from some external (to it) styling? Anki can only use what you actually paste.
  2. I can see that you must have add-ons enabled right now. Are any of them styling/formatting related? Do you see the same behavior when they are disabled?
  1. I’m not sure, it was a screenshot from some website.
  2. Yes, one is for highlighting syntax. But when I disabled them and there was no difference.

I think I figured out what the problem is. I wanted to copy a code snippet that has syntax highlighting, but that information cannot be copied as it’s displayed in an online code editor and is not a “regular” text on the website. I tried to paste same highlighted code into Libre, and it also did not work, so, it’s not an Anki problem.

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