For chromebook users, ankidroid 2.17.5 works perfectly now

however, if you NEED the 2.1.57’s self-host server like me,
you HAVE to use the same code base i.e. 23.12.1 on desktop.

so currently i was forced to use 23.12.1 on win10, qt6,
and play version ankidroid 2.17.5 on chromebook (lenovo duet 2020).

dealing /w the addons WILL took up a lot of time,
however, sometimes even the addon dont work by install,
but in the addon page, someone will share some editing to make them work.
so far it’s ok for me.

just have to see how the old image occlusion enhanced ADDON will live with the native IO . both now exist on my system.

ps, if you are unaware of it, with 2.16.5, you cant even type in your email, it just freeze.

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