Flags are kept when exporting Decks


I made a test to find what gets preserved when a Deck is exported (without including scheduling data):
-Suspension: no
-Star: no
-Flag: yes

Shouldn`t Stars and Flags behave in a similar way? Is it a bug?

Second issue:

  • after importing that Deck into a second profile;
  • then making changes in the flags (eg, removing cards that were previously flagged, and flagging cards that weren`t);
  • then importing back this Deck into the first profile
  • it results that the flag changes don`t get updated in this first profile

So, the second issue is that there is an inconsistency in the Flags when exporting Decks, because when importing the first time the Flags are preserved, but when importing an updated version of the Deck, the Flags changes are ignored.

I don`t know if those are bugs, but, for my use case, the best behavior would be that neither Flags, Stars ou Suspension gets exported.


Anki 2.1.38 (355e4cd5). Windows 10

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Looks like an oversight, thanks for the report.

I was a bit surprised to find that Anki considers flags and stars scheduling information instead of treating it the same as tags. Maybe at some point in the future it would be useful to add an explicit option for this in the exporting menu.

For example when I work together with somebody on a deck I might want to send an updated version of this deck to them that has all my flag markings included but not my scheduling information.

The ‘include scheduling’ checkbox really means “this deck is intended for myself, not other people”. Flags/marks aren’t scheduling per se, but I think in most cases people use them to make private notes for themselves, and each user may have renamed their flags to mean different things. If you want other users to see your marks, you’ll need to give the notes an appropriate tag instead.