Filtered deck(with rescheduling disabled) stats in V3 scheduler

Hi Damien,
Actually in the past month I’ve done cards mostly using filtered decks with rescheduling disabled, and I just don’t expect my heatmap (calender heading in AnkiMobile stats) to show the number of cards I’ve done during this time, as per my past experience cards done in filtered decks with rescheduling toggled off didn’t add to the streak… I just noticed this after I updated to V3 scheduler, and it would great to hear your take on this, as to if I can configure this back to how it was?

PS: I would love to know how to find the cards which are New, but have been done using filtered decks with rescheduling disabled, what would be the search entry to find them?

I’m afraid it’s not possible to disable review entries in the v3 scheduler.

You can use ‘is:new rated:1’ to find cards studied in the last day.

Thanks a lot for your response, I got it… but I have one more query regarding this…

Will this ‘review data saved for cards done using filtered decks with rescheduling disabled’ be used during ‘Optimisation’ in FSRS?

No, we filter those out.

Big relief! Thanks a lot!

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