Fill-in-the-blank cards

Il y a un problème avec les cartes avec textes à trous.
Quand on révise la carte, le recto affiche bien les crochets en gras et en rouge.
Mais quand on valide, le verso montre les crochets apparents et non pas la réponse en gars/rouge comme avant.
Ca montre ca par exemple : {{c1::ECG}}.
Ca gène la lecture.
Il y a moyen d’en informer les développeurs?

There is a problem with the fill-in-the-blank cards.
When you review the card, the front side shows the brackets in bold and red.
But when you validate, the back side shows the brackets and not the answer in bold/red as before.
It shows this for example: {{c1::ECG}}.
It hinders the reading.
Is there any way to inform the developers?

Go to Tools>Manage Note Types, click on Cloze and then Cards, and press the Front Preview and Back Preview to see if this problem also appears here.

If it does, then please show us the code you have in the Front Template, Back Template, and Styling sections of the aforementioned Cloze note type.

If it does not, please show us the code for one of your cards (any of the cards, even modified, as long as the bug is reproducible).

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