When I go to study, all my cards are blank.

Soy nuevo en el foro

Llevo usando anki unos 4 meses, todo me ha ido perfecto sin ningun problema , voy añadiendo tarjetas nuevas cada 3 o 4 dias

Aprendo ingles, y uso las tarjetas (Basico, teclear la respuesta)
Pero hoy al empezar mi sesion de estudio me doy cuenta de que mis tarjetas estan en blanco …

La parte frontal de mis tarjetas a desaparecido. Pero cuando le doy a mostrar respuesta , la respuesta y el enunciado aparecen juntos.

Por favor ayuda

Gracias un saludo

Seems to me like {{Front}} has been deleted from the front side of your note template

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If your cards show up file in the Browse tab, then you will need to edit your Note Templates. If you using the basic front and back note type then you should have something like

<div class="side">{{Front}}</div>

for the front side and

<div class="side">{{Front}}</div>
<hr id=answer>
<div class="side">{{Back}}</div>

for the back

Hello, thank you very much for replying … but that doesn’t work for me either.

I don’t use the basic model of cards …

I use the cards : “Basic, type in the answer”.

This is the current configuration of my card

When I put the configuration that you have told me, it does not work either… I get an error.

Please help, I have been several days without being able to study :frowning:

Thank you very much, greetings

Click the “Add Field” button at the bottom and then add the missing field to your front template.

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