Feature suggestion: pin (embed) main window info blocks (Anki's and addons' 'widgets') to separate placeholders (subwindows)

Currently a number of plugins put their info blocks (or widgets rather?) on Anki Desktop’s main window.
If you have a lot of decks and several addons widgets on main window, lower part of them goes beneath the window limits and isn’t seen until you scroll. So you might even forget there’s such an information embedded into the main window ))

Feature suggestion: make the placeholders of each widget individual and maybe resizeable. So you will scroll not the entire window looking for Heatmap Review for example. Instead, you’ll see all of your widgets on a single ‘page’ of your window. And if your decks don’t fit (especially when they are expanded), you’ll need to scroll the decks’ placeholder, not the whole Anki main window. So all the widget remain in your sight.

Didn’t find the ‘Edit’ button for my previous post so adding this one.
To be more clear, the suggestion is to give each addon’s (or Anki own) information on main view its own scrollable area (now they share a single scrollable space), so when for example you have many decks and they take all the screen’s space, the Events and Review addon’s information is buried below the screen and you have to scroll to see it.
While if these addons had their own (pinned or fixed) scroll area inside the visible part of the screen, then you could always have the info from these addons viewable.
In the suggested layout, if the decks are expanded beneath their separate scrollable area’s limits, then the decks’ area can be scrolled down independently of the neighbouring addons’ position (which don’t move and thus stay in sight).
I’m attaching some screenshots to make it easier to imagine

  1. Good layout (everything is seen) - but only as long as all the widgets can be fitted inside

  2. If the decks widget gets bigger it takes up all the screen’s space, all the other widgets are now hidden beneath the screen limits:

  3. So you have to scroll down to see their content: