Feature request: support for backlinks

this had been mentioned on the old support site.

I’m bringing it up again because I think that backlinks could actually have a second purpose in anki: influencing the frequency at which cards are displayed.

consider a topic like math where definitions build on each other. you could use backlinks to both make it where a piece of information is connected to a previous card(the traditional purpose in a Zettelkasten) and to optionally change that cards frequency based on whether you get the current card correct.

Having backlinks could make it possible to improve the use of anki for topics like computer science and math. ideally, a user should have the option to only review the basics if they have to. I’ve sort of mentioned the use case for this feature before on a reddit thread asking about using anki for math.

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The Mochi SRS now offers card linking. Anki is being overtaken by newer SRS. The only thing stopping me from moving over to Mochi is it’s a closed-source system.