Feature request for media issues

Would like the browser to have sidebar search links for:

  • Missing media
  • unused media
  • suspended
  • buried

Rationale: Make it easier to delete some and fix others instead of just the delete all in the check window.

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Suspended and buried are already present. You can also query them with is:suspended and is:buried. For unused media, this wouldn’t really make sense. The browser is only capable of showing either cards of notes, not files (and if the media is unused, it is unrelated to any card or note by definition). For missing media, it could indeed make it easier to fix things.

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OK, I see that is:suspended and is:buried work and are in the sidebar. Didn’t see them when I went looking. Why, who knows.

Agree that “unused media” can’t be shown in browser. Withdraw that request.

So that leaves just “a search option for missing media” as a useful enhancement.

To delete unused media, use Tools => Check Media

The delete button on that panel is not acceptable. Media doesn’t get in there by accident. If it isn’t on a card, I need to fix it, not do a blanket delete.

This is mainly used if you delete a card, which will not automatically delete the associated media. Besides, the Check Media pop-up also shows you the list of unused media, which you can delete or not.


Again, the “Delete Unused” is not particularly useful. It deletes ALL files not mentioned on cards, regardless of reason. Name misspelled, for example. What I have to do is copy the list to a text file and one by one try to figure out whether I should delete the file or track down and fix the note that should mention it. As BlackBeans pointed out, there’s really no other practical choice. So, my request is reduced to a browser search icon for notes with missing media.

Although, even better (but more work to implement, I suspect) would be the ability to click on a filename in the media check and open that note in the editor or browser. Because often, missing media is because of a typo in the filename.

Another trick is to copy the missing and unused to separate text files (or spreadsheet columns), and with them side by side (and alpha-sorted) look for similarities.